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HSA Select head coaches apply to lead teams during January. The HSA Select Committee conducts interviews and selects coaches during Feburary and the assignments are announced in February/March. Tryouts are held in May with exception of the High School boys teams (U16 and older) held in Feburary. Training starts in June.

2020-2021 Head Coaching Assignments

Below are the 2020-2021 Head Coaching Assignments. View tryout schedule.

HSA Select teams participate in the North Puget Sound League (NPSL).

Birth Year Age
Head Coach
(links to coach bio)
2010 U-11 Charles Torres loveofchair@gmail.com
2009 U-12 David Unruh dunruh@comcast.net
2008A U-13 Paul Hagenson pauljhagenson@gmail.com
2008B U-13 Sam Hicks kshicks.sh@gmail.com
2007A U-14 Cesar Cabral coachcesar@live.com
2007B U-14 Tony Giaquinta tgiaquinta@schultzmiller.com
2006 U-15 Brian Romas brian_annie@comcast.net
2005 U-16 Andres Lara andres_lara_rodriguez@hotmail.com
2010 U-11 Adam Karnofski akarnofs@gmail.com
2009 U-12 Rustin Director rustindirector@gmail.com
2008 U-13 Jennifer Young jenniferyo113@gmail.com
2007 U-14 Howard Chilcott hchilcott@gmail.com
2006 U-15 Tom Gass gassman2739@gmail.com
2005 U-16 Jamie Foulk jamesfoulk@gmail.com
2004 U-17 Tony Coronado creative.coronado@gmail.com
2020-2021 Coaching Application

Applications for HSA Select Coaches (2020-2021) are being accepted through January 31, 2020.

NOTE: The deadline is January 15 for Boys 2003-2005 teams. Late applications will be considered for age groups in need of a coach.

Questions about this program? Please contact hsaselect@gmail.com

January 2018 UPDATE: U.S. Soccer recently announced that the "E" License is being replaced with four "Grassroots Licensing Courses" (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11) which align with U.S. Soccer's Player Development Initiatives. Learn more.

2019-2020 Head Coaching Assignments

Below are the 2019-2020 Head Coaching Assignments.

HSA Select teams participate in the North Puget Sound League (NPSL). View list of teams and NPSL schedules.

Gender &
Birth Year
Head Coach
(links to coach bio)
Girls 2009 U-11 RobRoy Chalmers robroyrrc@yahoo.com
Boys 2009 U-11 David Unruh dunruh@comcast.net
Girls 2008 U-12 Jennifer Young jenniferyo113@gmail.com
Boys 2008 U-12 Paul Hagenson pauljhagenson@gmail.com
Boys 2008 U-12 Sam Hicks kshicks.sh@gmail.com
Girls 2007 U-13 Kevin Broveleit kevin.broveleit@gmail.com
Boys 2007 U-13 Cesar Cabral coachcesar@live.com
Boys 2007 U-13 Eric Beardemphl eric@brennanheating.com
Girls 2006 U-14 Tony Coronado creative.coronado@gmail.com
Boys 2006 U-14 Brian Romas brian_annie@comcast.net
Girls 2005 U-15 Jamie Foulk jamesfoulk@gmail.com
Boys 2005 U-15 Andres Lara andres_lara_rodriguez@hotmail.com
Girls 2004 U-16 Tony Coronado creative.coronado@gmail.com
Boys 2004 U-16 Kirk Van Landeghen kirkvl@hotmail.com
Boys 2003 U-17 Tom Gass gassman2739@gmail.com

View list of teams from previous seasons at the bottom of the HSA Select landing page.