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2015 HSA Fall League Champions - U11 and Above

HSA Champions (By Age Group)
Highline State Championship (Premier One)
1978 U19 G HSA Dirty Dozen
1979 U19 G HSA Dirty Dozen
1985 U19 G HSA Pepsi Stompers
1986 U19 G HSA Pepsi Stompers
1991 U19 B HSA Aviation West
1992 U19 B HSA FC Heat
1995 U19 B HSA Heat '77
1994 U19 G HSA SC Stars Eagles
1995 U19 G HSA Eagles Stars
1996 U19 G HSA Eagles '77
2004 U19 B HSA Heat '85
2008 U19 B HSA Heat '88
1997 U18 G HSA Eagles
2008 U18 B HSA Heat '89
1976 U17 G HSA Dirty Dozen
1986 U17 G HSA Albion Red
1990 U17 G HSA Windsox
1989 U17 B HSA Aviation West
1990 U17 B HSA FC Heat
1999 U17 G HSA Eagles '81 Regional Champions
1984 U16 G HSA Pepsi Stompers
1992 U16 G HSA Bicentennial Stars
1988 U16 B HSA Aviation West
1989 U16 B HSA FC Heat
1974 U15 G HSA Dirty Doze
1984 U15 G HS Albion Reds
1987 U15 B HS Aviation West
1993 U15 G HS Eagles
1997 U15 G HS Eagles
1973 U14 G HS Dirty Dozen
1982 U14 G HS Highline Stompers
1983 U14 G HS Albion Red
1990 U14 G HS Bicentennial Stars
1996 U14 G HS Eagles '81
1991 U14 B HS Heat '77
1975 U13 G HS Demons
1979 U13 B HS Highline Sting
1981 U13 G HS Pepsi Stompers
1982 U13 G HS Highline Albion Reds
1983 U13 G HS Silver Streaks
1982 U13 B HS Highline Network
1992 U13 G HS Aviation West
1980 U12 G HS Highline Pepsi Stompers
1981 U12 G HS Hustlers
1981 U12 B HS Kings
1982 U12 G HS Highline Silver Streaks
1988 U12 G HS Bicentennial Stars
1991 U12 G HS Aviation West
1996 U12 B HS Heat '84 Blue
1975 U11 G HS Highline Good Guys
1977 U11 B HS Conlins Olympic Aces
1983 U11 G HS Arsenal
1980 U11 B HS Olympic Kings
1974 U10 G HS Highline Good Guys
1978 U10 G HS Olympic Stompers
1979 U10 B HS Levitz Sockeyes
1975 U9 G HS West Highline Little Kicks
1977 U9 G HS Stompers
1978 U9 B HS Levitz Sockeyes
Challenge Cup
New in 2000s--replaced Commissioners Cup
2009 U11 G HPFC '97 Blue No Regionals @U11
2011 U16 G HPFC '94 Blue Semi-Finalist Regionals
2013 U16 B Highline Premier '96 Blue President's Cup Regionals 2013
Founders Cup
NOTE: Founders was Commissioners Cup until 2008
2005 U18 G HS Eagles Excel '86
2004 U17 G HS Eagles Excel '86
1994 U15 G HS Eagles Excel '86
2010 U15 B WS Moctezuma
1993 U13 G HSA Blasters
2011 U13 B WS Jets '95
1993 U12 G HSA Northern Lights
Recreational Cup
NOTE: Mid '90s, a district cup was held so some names reference District 3 winner and team name without association moniker
1982 U19 G HS Highline Half Rack
1984 U19 G HS Normandee
1984 U15 B HS Sabres
1987 U15 G HS Goal Rushers
1983 U14 B HS Sabres
1991 U14 B West Seattle Lazers
1982 U13 G HS Highline Fleet Feet
1983 U11 G HS Highline Goal Rushers
1984 U11 G HS Shooting Stars
1987 U11 G HS Lightning
1990 U11 G HS Sizzlers
1990 U11 B HS Jalisco
2005 U18 B HS Dragons
2010 U11 B WS Crush '99
2011 U11 B WS Crush '99
2011 U15 G WS Crush '96
2015 U11 B WS Red Bulls
2013 Washington Youth Soccer State Championships