HSA Awards Night Celebration

Each year the Highline Soccer Association (HSA) recognizes the teams that finish first or second in their respective divisions during league play the preceding Fall Season at a special Awards Night Celebration.

The 2019 HSA Awards Night will take place at the Sealth HS Auditorium on Sunday, January 26th, 2020, beginning at 6:30pm.

2019 HSA League Champions and Finalists

2019 HSA League Champions

1st and 2nd Place Division Winners

League Age Group Division Team Name Coach Record
2011 BU-9
Div 2
HPFC Heat '11 Blue James Conroy 6-0-2 (1st)
2010 BU-10
Div 3
HPFC Heat '10 Blue Adil Lafkih 8-0-0 (1st)
2003 GU-16
PSPL Classic 1
Div 3
HPFC Eagles '03 Blue
Tony Armitage
Jacob Gordon
Michael O'Byrne
7-2-1 (2nd)
2002 GU-17 PSPL WNPL Div 1 HPFC Eagles '02 Blue
John Theofelis
Abraham Araya
Paolo Mottola
8-1-3 (1st)
League Age Group Division Team Name Coach Record
2007 BU-13 NPSL Div 3 HSC Eagles '07 Miguel Verduzco 11-1-0 (2nd)
2006 GU-14 NPSL Div 2 HSA Select G'06 Tony Coronado 7-2-3 (2nd)
2005 BU-15 NPSL Div 2 HSA Select B'05 Andres Lara 11-1-0 (1st)
2004 BU-16 NPSL Div 1 HSC Rebaño B'04 Marco Lopez 11-1-0 (1st)
League Age Group Division Team Name Coach Record
2007 BU-13 SSUL Div 3 WS Blue Thunder '07 Jenna Ichikawa 8-1-1 (2nd)
2006 GU-14 SSUL Div 4 HSC Tornadoes G'06 Chad Fisher 6-3-2 (1st)
2006 BU-14 SSUL Div 4 WS Ninjas '06 Curtis Allan 9-2-0 (1st)
2006 BU-14 SSUL Div 3 HSC Nationals '06 Sean Englin 9-2-0 (2nd)
2006 BU-14 SSUL Div 3 WS Thunder '06 Tony Ferraro 7-1-0 (1st)
2005 BU-15 SSUL Div 3 WS Bulldogs '05 Jeff Bradley 11-1-0 (1st)
2001 BU-19 SSUL Div 3 WS Strikers '01 Peter Eastey 10-1-1 (1st)
League Age Group Division Team Name Coach Record
2009 GU-11 HSA WS Fireballs '09 Aaron Poledna 6-2-0 (2nd)
2009 GU-11 HSA HSC Torpedoes '09 Andrew Pyle 7-1-0 (1st)
2009 BU-11 HSA WS Cheetahs '09 Nathaniel Duffy 8-2-0 (2nd)
2009 BU-11 HSA WS Jaguars '10 Nicholas Monroe 9-0-1 (1st)
2008 GU-12 HSA WS Thunder Hawks '08 Andy Horner 7-1-2 (2nd)
2008 GU-12 HSA HSC Dolphins '08 Erik Englestad 8-2-0 (1st)
2008 BU-12 HSA WS Thunder Strikers '08 Erika Rasmussen 7-1-1 (2nd)
2008 BU-12 HSA WS Golden Ninja Dragons '08 Hart Rusen 8-1-0 (1st)
2019 Founder's Cup State Championship Tournament
2005 GU-14 HSA HSA Select G'05 Jamie Foulk Champion
2006 GU-13 HSA HSA Select G'06 Jeff Bradshaw Finalist
2004 BU-15 HSA HSC Rebano B'04 Marco Lopez Champion
2003 BU-16 HSA HSA Select B'03 Tom Gass Finalist
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Awards Night Celebration

HSA's Awards Night Celebration is held annual on the last Sunday evening in January of the New Year!